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Digital printing Offer

The price per unit remains the same no matter how many pieces you print.

Digital printing is profitable with low and medium print runs.
(Offset printing is an alternative to large print runs).

Technology park

For example: 5- colour roll digital machine, three digital printing machines and 7-colour large format printing machine.

ECO Technology

Taking care of the highest quality, we use FSC-certified paper

Consulting step by step

We assist in the selection of materials and advise in the preparation of the final DTP PREPRESS printout.

Our assets
In addition to the CMYK palette, you can print an additional white color as an overprint for transparent materials. Upon customer's request, our materials are refined with matt or glossy foil using UV selective varnish
High Quality – Digital printing is a perfect reflection of quality. A well-prepared design and appropriate paper guarantee an aesthetic effect.
Wide variety of raw materials (uncoated and coated papers, cardboard, synthetic papers, self-adhesive foil) .
Printing with Pantone colors is not possible.
More information
Digital printing/span> Printing on different materials
Consulting with our experts. The possibility of checking before printing.
Lead time - 2 days
Our clients